Man's Rebellion

Man’s Rebellion

After generations of slavery and toil the spirit of humanity was nearly snuffed out, but just as they were nearly broken, something miraculous would happen.

Vorian was a slave to a powerful noble within the elven aristocracy. He received an education and lived a life of luxury few humans could dream of. He often scribed letters and was responsible for several, low level, administrative functions.

One evening Vorian was inspecting his masters fields when he witnessed a young women being tied to a post. He was no fool and knew what was about to transpire. Soon the woman would feel the lash of a whip for some infraction or another. To his horror the elf in charge of the punishment conjured a hell whip, a razor sharp whip of molten metal. Curious as to what she could have done to deserve such a harsh punishment Vorian asked as nearby spectator, he learned that the young woman was a house slave for the local lord and had bitten off a part of his anatomy after years of suffering his abuses.

Vorian was never a fan of the elves but to hear that this woman should be so harshly punished for defending herself from an act that no person should have to endure triggered something inside of him. In that moment he picked up a rock without thinking and smashed in the skull of the elf.

For a split second all present stood still. Then like burst damn, the pent up fury of humanity was unleashed. Using his knowledge learned as an aid to the aristocracy Vorian knew where the elves stored their arms and armor and where they were weak. Years of toil had made man strong, while years of dominance had made the elves arrogant. He quickly freed thousands that rallied behind his cause. Soon humanity was facing the elves on the open field.

Humanity stood with its back to a wall, their fledgling rebellion had fighting a losing battle for nearly three years. It appeared that they were facing their final battle, and again the odds were against them. Before them stood the combined might of the mortal races and their powerful use of magic. But just as humanity was about to be defeated, all magic would drain from the world.

The shock would give humanity the edge it needed to defeat the combined army of its foes, one more they would gain momentum as their enemies fled before them. More plantations would be freed, miners released, cities captured. Humanity’s army would swell as their enemy dwindled. Humanity would take the elvish lands and force their enemies to the undeveloped wilderness beyond its borders.

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Man's Rebellion

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