The Rangers

The Rangers are the only men sanctioned to travel beyond the wall. Originally founded as the elite forward guard of humanity. They were responsible for search and destroy missions, preventing the elves from rebuilding and mounting a counter attack. Over time the elves began to digress into tribal structures, and organized resistance became more prevalent. As the threat waned, so to did the prestige of serving as a Ranger and so the order shrank.

Today the Rangers have new task before them. With the growing Lyrium shortage, the Rangers have been tasked with finding new deposits and making contact with local populations to allow humanity to extract the oh-so precious mineral.

Life of a Ranger

The Rangers are forced to live a difficult life. Beyond the wall their are no cities, no taverns, no inns. Only a vast and deadly wilderness. For months, or even years, at a time the Rangers are dispatched on long missions to investigate distant lands and seek out hidden mysteries. If that were not enough a Ranger is not permitted to rejoin the rest of humanity, he has been tainted with the world beyond the wall and so he will always live on the wall. Over time this has made it a heaven for lowlifes and criminals seeking a fresh start, or simply trying to run away from their problems. To this effect the Rangers are seen as little more then glorified vagabonds by much of the Kingdom.

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