The Birth of the World

In the Beginning…

Waking of the Gods

Long before man was ever to enter the world the Gods awoke from their eternal slumber. First to awake was Velvoth, before him stood the eight aspects of creation, Life, Death, Love, Beauty, Strength, Cunning, Wisdom, and Nature. He selected Life and so gained its powers. Next to awake was the Goddess Elire who took up the aspect of Love, and so gained its powers. Then Sellador, selecting Wisdom, Enu, selecting Nature, Morzfal, selecting Strength, Norak selecting Cunning, and Ilyia selecting Beauty. The last to awaken was Razgriz, and all that remained for him to choose was Death.

Descent to Earth

Once all of the Gods had been awoken they quickly built a lavish palace to dwell in. Using their powers they crafted servants and pets, but it soon became clear that they lacked true consciousness and were simply driven by the aspect of the God who create them.

It was decided they they would need to seek out others who could revel in the glory of the Gods. Far below sat the Material plain, a massive sea devoid of any life, but in it existed the foundations for consciousness.

Birth of Creation

The Gods Journeyed to Earth and there rose the continents from the sea. Then they began to create new beings and life sprang forth wherever the Gods set foot. Every creature the Gods created took on some part of the God which created it.

The Elves were created by Velvoth, and proclaimed by him to be the dominant form of life, and so they maintained eternal youth and would never age. Morzfel created the races of Dwarves and Orcs, though they hardly liked each other, they were strong. And so in this way peoples of the world took form.

Razgriz was shunned by his fellow Gods, for he could do little in the way of bringing new life to the world, all he could do was steal it away. He tried to no avail to bring about his on people, but as soon as they took form they would wither into decay. He begged the other Gods for assistance and so he was aided by Velvoth, the god of Life. This time when Razgriz gave his people shape Velvoth blew life into them and so they stayed. Thus was born the Race of Men.

For thousands of years the gods dwelt on Earth with their creations and all was at peace.
Until tragedy struck when the first man died. Though Velvoth had blown life into them, the taint of death gifted to them by Razgriz had made them mortal. Again he begged the other gods for help. But this time he was denied, for they had been made this way, and so they must live this way.

Wrought with grief and blaming the other Gods, Razgriz planned his revenge.

Razgriz’s Betrayal

Feeling spite towards his fellow Gods, Razgriz went to the top of the world and there began preparations for his ultimate betrayal. For many years he labored in the cold dark north, and crafted a knife so fine that even his flesh could not withstand its blade. With it he bled himself into the Earth, and with the ending of his life he brought mortality to all who dwelt on the world. The Great Cataclysm nearly ripped the world apart as the aspect of death was unleashed.

The Gods lost their Immortality, and so too did their creations. Any who walked on the Earth now felt the weight of age as death crept through the land. The remaining seven Gods fled to their Palace. And so ended the reign of the Gods on Earth.

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The Birth of the World

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