The First War

The First War

The First War was a conflict set shortly after The Great Cataclysm.

As the mortal races attempted to cope with the destruction of the world and the loss of the Gods, blame quickly fell upon the, now dead, God Razgriz. Without any way of exacting revenge upon him the elves seized upon the moment and declared that humanity was to blame for Razgriz’s actions and therefore shared in his guilt.

Soon other races rallied behind this cause and quickly the tide turned sharply against humanity. Any who would have stood behind humanity found themselves faced against overwhelming odds and had little other choice but to turn against them.

The war itself would be a short one, but with it would come the first use of magic as a weapon. Though crude at first, the elves possessed an ability to wield it far beyond the capacity of any other race.

In the end humanity’s meager resistance would be swept aside and any who had not been incinerated by the elven onslaught would quickly find themselves enslaved and bound to the endless task of rebuilding civilization.

After countless generations of toiling beneath their elven masters, humanity would rise up, and rebel.\

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The First War

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